Angharad Hengyu. Graphic designer
exploring visual narratives through type. Based in Basel – Lisbon.

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Curious, committed, and a bit of a perfectionist.

I love language – the significance and insignificance of meaning. Engaged in visual communication as a literary practice, an interpretation and sharing of a certain understanding, message or idea.

Solo and team experience in a range of print and digital projects for social/cultural and commercial/corporate sectors, regularly accompanied by the development of self- or friend-initiated explorations. Open for freelance work, new collaborations and temporary relocations.

One half of the duo behind self-published visual poetry book Um Poema Errante / A Wandering Poem, poster designer for cultural non-profit Cultura No Muro in Lisbon, and typographic artist at live arts collective and DIY publisher Colliding Lines.


I would be thrilled to start a dialogue –

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Events / Exhibitions
Grafikbazar at Weltformat Festival 2018, Luzern
Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2017, Switzerland
I Never Read Art Book Fair 2018, Basel
Internet Yami-Ichi 2018, Basel
Shadowplay Tour, Edinburgh
48h Global Game Jam 2018, Lisbon
Volumes Independent Art Publishing Fair 2017, Zürich
Raia Tráfico de Edições #1 and #2, Lisbon
Czytaj! Deconstruction of Words Festival 2017, Czestochowa
Artist Self-Publisher Fair 2017, Glasgow
CHEAP Street Poster Festival 2017, Bologna
Official Book Launch: A Wandering Poem, Lisbon
Art Book Fair 2017, Singapore